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Links to interesting and useful gardening and horticultural sites

Maine (State) Master Gardener Site
Maine Bureau of Pesticides Master Gardener Educational Materials
Texas A&M University “Aggie Horticulture”
The On-Line Tomato Vine
Ohio State Horticulture & Crop Science
National Gardening Association
Ohio State – Plant Facts

Botanical Gardens and Arboreta

swiss chardRoyal Botanical Gardens at Kew
Missouri Botanical Garden
North Carolina State Univ. Arboretum
4-H Children’s Garden at Michigan State University
U.S. and Canada Tour Gardens
U of Illinois Extension – Horticulture & Home and Garden
Fertilizers & Home Gardening – Cornell University


American Daffodil Society
American Dahlia Society
American Rose Society

broccoliInternational Flower Bulb Centre
National Wildflower Research Center


Maine State Beekeepers Association
Butterfly Web Site
Entomology at Iowa State University

Internet Resources

Illinois Urban Programs Network

lettuceUtah State Extension Gardening Guide

Organic Growing

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
USDA Organic Growing


MSU IPM Fact Sheets
Kansas State University – Directory of Insect Information

zucchiniBiological Control: Insect, Weed and Disease (Cornell University)
Home and Landscape “Pest Management” (University of California at Davis)

Plant Societies

VIRTUAL GARDEN: Plant Society List

Trees and Shrubs

Arboriculture On-line

assorted vegetablesWeeds

Colorado Weed Management Association
Weed Images

State Extension Services

Alabama Cooperative Extension System
Arkansas Extension
Colorado State Extension Garden Publications
Delaware Cooperative Extension
Florida Agricultural Information Retrieval System (FAIRS)

apple-1University of Georgia Extension
Illinois Extension – Horticulture
Iowa State Horticulture & Home Pest News
Kansas State Extension
Kentucky Extension Service Publications
Maine Cooperative Extension Service
Maryland Home and Garden Information Center
Minnesota Extension
Mississippi Lawns and Gardens
Ohio State Horticulture
Oklahoma State Extension
Oregon State University Extension Service
Pennsylvania State Cooperative Extension
Purdue Educational Materials
Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Tennessee Extension
Texas A&M – Horticulture Index
Utah State University Extension
Virginia Cooperative Extension
West Virginia Extension Service
Washington State Extension